Green Refrigeration presented a high technology CO2 Cascade System at the leading retail trade form Euroshop Düsseldorf. CO2 Pump circulation for the MT cabinets and cold rooms and DX for freezers.

The most efficient system for hot climate regions.

Green Refrigeration Ltd Goes to INDIA

Green Refrigeration implemented an end-to-end cooling solution for a fish processing factory in Kochi city INDIA that will deliver benefits of energy efficiency and improved product quality.
A 350 KW Ammonia/CO2 Cascade system with pump circulation CO2 will deliver cooling at “-40C” for a State-of-the-art glazing IQF tunnel for fish glazing.

The system is designed by Green Refrigeration Cyprus.

Cascade CO2 for Luxury Hotels in Cyprus.
First hotels in Cyprus to go on CO2
Sunrise Pearl Hotel & Spa and Sunrise Beach Hotel & Spa are going Green with Cascade CO2 refrigeration design and installed by Green Refrigeration ltd the pioneers of CO2 in Cyprus.

Green Refrigeration, the leader company in Cyprus for studying, designing and installing CO2 cascade refrigeration system for logistic centers, food processing factories, cheese factories, bakery factories, ice cream storage and distribution centers.


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