Supermarkets CO2 Refrigeration

CO2 Refrigerating Systems for Supermarkets

State-of-the-art integrated CO2 refrigeration system for supermarkets:

Fully flooded Cascade system with glycol defrost:

In supermarket applications the difference between evaporating and condensing temperatures is large, therefore, the cascade systems become favorable and well adaptable for the two-temperature level requirement for chilled and frozen products in the supermarket.

In cascade CO2 systems, CO2 evaporates directly in the evaporators of the display cases, which minimizes the required temperature lift and reduces the energy consumption.

The evaporators at the medium and low temperature are flooded with CO2 which is circulated via a pump; this produce better performance due to the good heat transfer characteristics of the completely wetted evaporators and therefore the evaporation temperature will be higher than if a direct expansion concept has been used.

CO2 Cascade systems:

  • Liquid overfeed to freezers evaporators, MT evaporators and cold water production.
  • Liquid overfeed to MT evaporators, cold water production and DX for freezers evaporators.