The IMPAFRI cold room is modular and easy to assemble and disassemble thanks to its latest-generation panels and components.

It is modular thanks to the presence of panels and components it is possible to design any layout of cold room, meeting any customization request.

It can be dismantled because no silicon is used during the assembly phase. The seal is actually ensured by the pressure-fit between the parts, with the result that the cold room is perfectly insulated and non-toxic. The Fastener systems are also made from non-deformable composite materials that guarantee durability over time, even in the event of several assembly and disassembly operations.

The IMPAFRI brand combines high technology with ease of installation in its cold rooms!

Turnkey solutions for high-capacity storage. Suitable solutions for any space, including platforms and refrigerated warehouses, food transformation and processing industry, hypermarkets, and pharmaceutical industry.

Main features:

Maximum thermal insulation, thanks to its high grade of foam homogeneity and to the exceptional physical-mechanical characteristics

Length of panels up to 13m