Logistics Centers CO2 Refrigeration

CO2 Refrigerating Systems for Logistics Centers

All food distribution centers require special conditions for effective temperature control. Systematic, effective cooling is absolutely necessary to ensure fresh and frozen foods are kept in right condition. Depending on the application, experts at Green Refrigeration determines the right temperature for your needs, whether cold or frozen storage, and enables that cold storage facilities are safe, energy conscious and compliant with legal requirements and standards.


  • Cold and frozen stores
  • Loading area cooling systems
  • High energy efficiency, precise controlled central refrigeration systems
  • Hygienic evaporator design in accordance with HACCP
  • Engine room design standards in accordance with European Norms
  • High efficiency, low energy consumption evaporative condenser applications
  • Production areas air conditioning systems
  • Precise remote control and monitoring with PLC/SCADA

CO2 Cascade systems:

  • Liquid overfeed to freezers evaporators, MT evaporators and cold water production.
  • Liquid overfeed to MT evaporators, cold water production and DX for freezers evaporators.
  • Liquid overfeed to blast freezers or tunnels