HFC refrigeration technology

Condensing units and industrial refrigeration units for medium and low temperature applications.

HFC or fluorinated gases are artificial gases that are intended to improve certain industrial and commercial processes. In addition, these gases have negative effects on the contribution to the preservation and conservation of the ozone layer.

HFC refrigeration technology (hydrofluorocarbons) is the third generation of fluorinated refrigerants. From 1 January 2020, the European regulation on fluorinated gases (F-Gas) prohibits the use of HFC refrigerants with GWP ≥ 2500 in new installations, and in 2022, those with a GWP ≥ 150 will be prohibited, which has completely revolutionized the industrial refrigeration sector, forcing it to use alternative refrigerant gases.

Green Refrigeration has a wide range of HFC solutions in its product portfolio. The most suitable HFC refrigerant gases for commercial refrigeration in medium and high temperature applications are:

R134a. Refrigerant with very good characteristics, with GWP = 1300, with no expiry date yet for the use of this refrigerant in commercial refrigeration.

R513A. R513A. Direct substitute for R134a, but with a moderate GWP = 629 and a highly price.

For high, medium and low temperature applications, it is common to use:

R452A. Direct substitute for R404A, but with a moderate GWP = 2139 and a high price.

R449A. It has similar properties and is an almost direct substitute for R404A with a GWP one third lower than R404A (GWP = 1396), but its high discharge temperature when operating at low temperatures should be emphasized, which in most cases requires the installation of a liquid injection system to cool the gas.

R404A. The most used refrigerant in the refrigeration sector for many years, but currently subject to severe restrictions due to the F-Gas regulation. From 2022, the use in centralized refrigeration systems above 40 kW is restricted.